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                  Exhibits of the medical equipment pavilion of the International Import Expo put into use in Shanghai top three hospitals

                  日期 : 2021-04-07

                  The reporter learned from China's first International Import Expo that the high-tech exhibits in the medical equipment pavilion-the VENTANA HE 600 dyeing system manufactured by the Swiss company "Roche" has been successfully put into use in Shanghai's top three hospitals. Recently, the Department of Pathology, Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Fudan University, introduced the VENTANA HE 600 staining system, the first new type of "single drip staining" HE tissue staining solution in Shanghai. With the increasing medical needs of the public, the workload of pathological diagnosis continues to increase, and clinical and patients have put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and timeliness of pathological diagnosis.


                  Professor Wang Jian, deputy director of the Precision Tumor Center, told Knews that improving the standardization and lean management of pathology laboratories is an important measure to promote the development of tumor precision medicine, and precise pathological diagnosis is the key to achieving tumor precision medicine.

                  Gene mutation is an important cause of tumor generation and development, and different cancers have different gene mutations. Accurate pathological diagnosis can help clinicians better distinguish tumor benign and malignant quality, classification and grading of malignant tumors, etc., so as to formulate effective treatments Strategies to maximize the efficacy and prolong the lives of patients.

                  Exhibits of the medical equipment pavilion of the International Import Expo put into use in Shanghai top three hospitals

                  The pathological diagnosis work can be said to be an "pipeline" workflow. From the removal of tissue samples from the patient to the final diagnosis report issued by the clinician, there are dozens of steps in the interlocking process, and for a long time, it has been highly dependent on manual work. , The degree of automation is low, and the current number of pathologists and laboratory technicians in my country is seriously insufficient. Professor Wang Jian pointed out: “About 80% of pathological diagnosis reports are diagnosed based on the results of conventional hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining. HE staining takes up most of the pathologist’s energy. How can it be done without affecting accuracy? Improving work efficiency under the premise is an urgent problem to be solved in the pathology department. The VENTANAHE600 staining system introduced this time has no human intervention in the whole process, eliminating the need for manual reagent mixing operations and reagent expiration monitoring during reagent configuration and replacement. , Reducing the staining process from more than 50 steps to a dozen steps, reducing 70-80% of the workload, speeding up the staining speed of pathological slides, and effectively improving the efficiency of the pathology laboratory."

                  Exhibits of the medical equipment pavilion of the International Import Expo put into use in Shanghai top three hospitals

                  The Department of Pathology, Fudan University Cancer Hospital stated that with the successful use of the VENTANA HE 600 staining system, the Precision Tumor Center of Fudan University Cancer Hospital is expected to take the lead in realizing the leapfrog development of precision oncology medicine in China, and achieve both the quality and speed of pathological diagnosis.

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