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                  China's health services are going international

                  日期 : 2021-04-07

                  Recently, GE Healthcare of the United States officially released its self-regulating three-in-one breast machine "Pristina" in China. Singapore Fullerton Medical Group announced that Fullerton Medical China Co., Ltd. has completed its 300 million yuan equity investment in Shanghai Red Maple International Women's and Children's Hospital... …The opening of the first China International Import Expo is imminent, and a batch of foreign-funded health “top-of-the-range goods” will arrive. In the future, China's health services will become increasingly international.

                  On October 28th, GE Healthcare released "Pristina" in China. The product is designed from a female perspective and introduces the function of self-adjusting pressure, which can improve the patient's examination experience while ensuring high-definition imaging.

                  On October 25, Fullerton China completed a 300 million yuan equity investment in Shanghai Hongfeng Hospital. This is Fullerton China's first investment in the field of specialty hospitals. The new hospital is expected to start operations at the end of 2019. Fullerton China and Hongfeng Hospital also plan to jointly invest at least 200 million yuan to open a chain of clinics in Shanghai to help China's graded diagnosis and treatment.

                  The industry believes that China's medical equipment and large-scale health industry has entered a golden decade, and the market size of the large-scale health industry will exceed 10 trillion yuan by 2020, providing historical opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical companies in various countries.

                  Zhou Hong, general manager of Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., said that in recent years, the Chinese government has launched a series of new medical reform measures, especially speeding up the new drug registration approval process and updating the national medical insurance catalog. In August of this year, Roche's new lung cancer drug was approved by the National Medical Products Administration 9 months after it was approved in Europe and the United States, and the first domestic prescriptions were issued 46 days after approval, which fully reflects the "China speed."

                  Shanghai is about to usher in the first China International Import Expo, and medical equipment and health care are one of the important exhibition areas. "China is Siemens' second largest overseas market, and Siemens is one of the first multinational companies to confirm the participation." Siemens Greater China CEO Herman said that the Expo will become a partner of Siemens and China to enhance exchanges and work together in the new era. An important platform for exploring digital innovation and technology blueprints.

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